Our Labradors have produced Excellent Scent Working dogs, Search and Rescue, Hunting Companions, Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert, Bomb detection, and Family Companions.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Litters 2017

We are now planning our litters for 2017. For information on our upcoming litters please look on the right hand side of this page at Litters. The litters will be spring litters and the puppies will be ready to go at the end of May first part of June depending on breeding dates. We will post more information as we get closer to actual breeding dates. We are currently taking deposits to hold puppies.

Friday, April 29, 2016


We have added pictures and videos of both of our litters today. Please scroll down the whole page to find the new pictures and videos of both litters. The puppies are becoming lots of fun and keeping us busy. Personalities are really beginning to show. We hope you like the pictures and videos of our 2016 litters.

Pictures Litter #2

Here are pictures of Sky and Gunner's litter. This is our litter #2 for 2016. This was their first time out today and they did really well.




Pictures Litter #1

Here is pictures of our 2016 Litter #1 Copper and Gunner's. This was their first day outside in the grass and they did great and had a lot of fun.




Videos of Puppies

It has taken a little bit longer than usual to get video of the puppies. They have been keeping us busy. We got some video of them today and pictures. We hope to have the pictures up soon but here are the videos of the 2 litters.

Litter #1
Copper and Gunner

Litter #2 
Sky and Gunner

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Update on available puppies

All of our puppies for 2016 are now sold. Our next available litters will be in 2017.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Available puppies

We currently have a chocolate male available out of our 2016 litters. For any information please feel free to contact us.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Puppy Video Litter #2

This is our second litter for 2016 Sky and Gunner litter. This litter is sold. We are posting this video for the owners of the puppies.

Puppy Video Litter #1

Here is a video of our Litter #1 Copper and Gunner. This litter is a lot of fun and personalities are starting to show. We had to do several videos throughout the day to get all the puppies in play. We currently have a chocolate male available in this litter. We also have a female available in this litter but waiting for first pick to know which color will be available.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Litter Update

We currently have a chocolate male and a female available from our Litter #1 for 2016. We are not sure of the color of the female yet until after first pick has been made. For any information about this litter and available puppies please feel free to contact us.
Chocolate males

Yellow female

Chocolate Females