Our Labradors have produced Excellent Scent Working dogs, Search and Rescue, Hunting Companions, Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert, Bomb detection, and Family Companions.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


We have sold all of our puppies from our summer litters. We are now planning our winter litter. This litter will be ready to go around the beginning of February. We are now taking deposits for this litter. We currently have 4 deposits at this time. The deposit is $100 to hold your pick. The puppies in this litter will be $800. We will have more information and pictures up of the Sire and Dam so please check back. If you have any questions about this upcoming litter please feel free to call or email me with any of your questions. I will be happy to answer them for you.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Big Thanks

We would like to thank all of our new owners that are letting us know how their puppies are doing. We love the pictures and the comments about each puppy. We will be working on getting those up under our Owners and Companions page for those of you who have given us permission to do so. Please keep us updated on how your puppies are doing.


We had all of our adult dogs tested for CNM. We now have all of their test results and they have all been found CLEAR of CNM.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Available Black Female Puppy (sold)

We have pictures of the black female pup that is available from our July 9th litter. This pup is out of Gunner and Sky. She is a very fun puppy. She has started to do short retrieves for us with the dummy and loves pheasant wings. She has been shot around and is not gun shy at all. She is learning to sit also. She is 11lbs right now and we feel she will be about 60 to 65lbs full grown. If you have any questions about this pup please feel free to contact us about her. Her dew claws are removed. She has been micro-chipped. She is up to date on her shots and has been examined by our vet. She will come with a 26 month hip and eye guarantee, and full AKC papers.

New Puppy

We just wanted to update our puppies that are available. The puppy from our July 1st litter is no longer available. However with that we now have a puppy who is now available from our July 9th litter. This puppy is out of Gunner and Sky. We will have pictures of her up soon. In the mean time if you would like any information about her please feel free to contact us.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Available Female Puppy (Sold)

Quick update on our black female puppy that is currently available. She is a very fun puppy with lots of drive. She has a very fun personality, and  nice temperament. She loves to play in the water and around the field and yard. She is great with her nose and is going to be great hunting/family companion.  She has learned to sit and is doing short retrieves. She is very friendly and has lots of fun playing with our kids. We have been working with her on pheasant wings and she thinks this is great. If you have any questions concerning her or please feel free to ask. We will be posting updated pictures of her soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Field Walk (Sold)

Today we took the available black female puppy from our July 1st litter and took her for a walk in the field. The tall grass did not slow her down. She is a great puppy with lots of drive and showing lots of natural hunting abilities. She has a very fun personality. Here are some pictures of her as we walked through the field. We also up graded her white paper collar with a better collar. She is now sporting a nice red collar.

 This puppy is now sold.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update on Available Puppies

The puppies from our July 9th litter have all been sold. We currently have 2 black females available from our July 1st litter. The puppy with the white collar from Dee Dee's litter is available. We have also had a black female puppy from Dee Dee's litter that was sold come available. The family who was going to get her can not pick her up due to circumstances. Both puppies have lots of drive, use their noses and love pheasant wings. They are also learning to sit very well. Both puppies have excellent temperaments and fun personalities. They have both been introduced to water and love it. Both females are up to date on shots. For any questions on either one of these girls please feel free to ask. We will be posting videos of them soon. Here are some pictures taken of them in the last week. We will work on getting more current pictures of them.
Black female
White collar

Black female
Yellow Collar

Monday, September 3, 2012

Water Play

It has been hot here again in South Dakota, and since we finally have a little bit of water in our pond we decided that the puppies would have a lot of fun playing in the water to cool off. They figured it out fast and were in and out of the water and up and down the banks of the pond. They had a ton of fun just playing around. Here are some pictures of all of that fun.