Our Labradors have produced Excellent Scent Working dogs, Search and Rescue, Hunting Companions, Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert, Bomb detection, and Family Companions.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Available Puppies

The first week of May owners will be making their picks on the puppies that have put a deposit down.  We will have 3 puppies available after they make their picks. It will either be 2 males and one female, or it will be 2 females and one male. If you are interested in a puppy from one of our 2 litters please feel free to contact us and we can give you more information or to let us know what puppy you are looking for in case it is available after the owners have made their picks we can contact you. We are starting a waiting lists and will start at the top of the list when puppies are available.

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Please join us on our Facebook page K and R Labradors. To see video and pictures of our puppies. Puppies are doing great and growing fast. We currently have a chocolate male available in our all chocolate litter.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Available Puppies

Currently on our litters we have 5 puppies available. We know for sure we have a chocolate male and female available from our all chocolate litter. There is a male available from our black and yellow litter but it will be determined in 4 weeks what color is available. The other 3 are to be determined in the next 4 weeks. In the next 4 weeks owners that have put down deposits will start to make their picks in the order of the deposits. Once the picks have been made I will then know what 3 puppies will be available.  We give owners until the puppies are six weeks of age to make their picks so that they can see the personality, temperament, and drive of the puppies. In the 2 litters we currently have some owners have put 2 deposits down so they can find what they are looking for in a dog. This is why I will not know what the last 3 puppies will be, male or female, black, yellow or chocolate, until they have been picked. Here at K and R Labradors we feel it is important for the puppies to be with the right owner that fits them. This is why we wait so long for owners to make their picks. If you have any questions on our available puppies please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions. 

At this time available puppies are
1 chocolate female out of all chocolate litter
1 chocolate male out of all chocolate litter
1 male will be yellow or black out of our black and yellow litter (after picks have been made in several weeks.)

The other puppies that will be available will be announced in 4 weeks.