Our Labradors have produced Excellent Hunting, Hunt Test, Search and Rescue, Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert, Bomb detection, and Family Companions.


  As our litters fill up we will begin a waiting list to any puppies that will come available. We reserve 5 spots for males and 5 spots for females in each litter, we have some owners that are on both litters because they are wanting a puppy from our kennel. The reserved spots are for the owners who have put down a deposit for a puppy. As of right now between both litters we currently have 13 deposits for puppies, we still are taking a few more deposits for available puppies. There will be spots that will come open when puppies are born or are being picked at 6 weeks because of this. Those on the waiting list will be called and notified of puppies that become available in the order of those on the list.  


                                                2021 Litters

K and R Freedom Force Maverick SWE
K and R Midnight Star SIN, SCN, SBN

Maverick and Star our Scent working dogs and have great drive, hard working great noses and love to please. Maverick also does upland hunting and loves every second of it. Both dogs have great on and off switches love to be our dogs at home but are all business when its time to work. Star has produced some great hunting companions and family companions in her past litter and we are expecting great things from this litter. This litter will produce great hunters, scent working, service dogs and family companions. 



We are expecting this litter to be all black but there could be a possible yellows. This litter will be whelped around March/April depending on breeding date. Puppies will be ready to go May/June. Puppies in this litter are $900 and deposit is $200. Deposit goes toward full price of the puppy.

Current deposits for this litter

1. Scent detection work/started dog
2. (Keller) black male
3. (Weidert) black male
4. (Young) black or yellow male
5. (Tupek) any color

Waiting list for males
1. Ancell
2. Thomas

1. Scent detection work/started dog
2. (Krueger) looking for a black or chocolate female
3. (Jensen) looking for black/yellow or chocolate
4. (Roach) any color
5. (Tupek) any color

Waiting list for females
1. Ancell
2. Sandquist
3. Theyre chocolate/any color

K and R Thundern Drake
CPR K and R Lakota Hurricane Storm

Drake and Storm love to hunt and will work through anything to find their birds. Both love the water and love to retrieve. They are hard working dogs with great personalities and temperaments. They have produced excellent puppies that are hunting, scent dogs and family companions. They have great on and off switches and make really nice family companions when hanging out at home but are all business when it is time to hunt. 



This is a repeat breeding, we have had really nice puppies with great personalities and temperaments from this breeding. Maverick is from this breeding and has been a outstanding dog to work with. This litter will be a all chocolate litter and will be whelped around March/April and ready to go around May/June depending on actual breeding date. Puppies from this litter is $800 and deposit to hold a puppy in this litter is $200. Deposit will go towards full price of the puppy. Puppies from this litter will make great hunting, scent work, service work, search and rescue or family companions. 

Current deposits for this litter

1. Scent work/started dog
2. (Young)
3. (Tupek) 
4. (Ancell)

Waiting list for chocolate males

1. Scent work/started dog
2. (Frankman)
3. (Krueger) looking for a chocolate or black female
4. (Jensen) looking for a black/yellow or chocolate
5. (Roach) 

Waiting list for chocolate females
1. (Tupek) placed a deposit for any color
2. (Ancell) placed a deposit
3. (Sandquist)
4. (Theyre) chocolate/any color


This litter is sold
K and R Get Your Gunner x K and R Hunting at Sunrise



Anonymous said...

Hi, guys. We are interested in the puppies that will be ready in June. Could you possibly post info about that?

Anonymous said...

You guys are the best. You should be proud of all the dogs and puppies you own and raise, cause you do an amazingly exceptionally excellent job.