Our Labradors have produced Excellent Hunting, Hunt Test, Search and Rescue, Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert, Bomb detection, and Family Companions.


                                           2019 Litters

K and R Thundern Drake 


CPR K and R Hurricane Storm



First litter of 2019

Our first litter is due to be whelped Feb 9th. This will be a all chocolate litter. Both Sire and Dam have great personalities, and nice temperaments. They both have great on and off switches that make them great as family dogs and out hunting in the field. If you have any questions on this litter please feel free to contact us. This litter is $800 and a $200 deposit to hold a puppy. Deposit also goes toward the full price of the puppy. 

   Email: kandrlabradors@gmail.com

    Phone: 605-582-7946

1. First pick of black and chocolate males (Klemke)
2. Kohlbek

1. Kohlbek (first pick of females if male is unavailable)

Second litter for 2019
K and R Get Your Gunner
K and R Super Copper

More to come on this litter. It will be a tri-colored litter due sometime in May depending on breeding dates. 
This litter will be $650 and deposit to hold a puppy is $150 deposit will go towards full price of the puppy.

1. First pick of black and chocolate males (Klemke)
              (Klemke has deposit down for 2 males)


Anonymous said...

Hi, guys. We are interested in the puppies that will be ready in June. Could you possibly post info about that?

Anonymous said...

You guys are the best. You should be proud of all the dogs and puppies you own and raise, cause you do an amazingly exceptionally excellent job.