Our Labradors have produced Excellent Scent Working dogs, Search and Rescue, Hunting Companions, Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert, Bomb detection, and Family Companions.

Owners and Companions

This page will always be a work in progress. We hope to have pictures of owners and their dogs from our past litters. If you have recently received a puppy from us and would like to be apart of this page please send in a comment and a picture of you and your dog to our email account. (kandrlabradors@gmail.com) This way we will be able to add you.

Thanks for the help on this page!

We purchased "Hunter" from you last year. He was born in May and we met you in DesMoines to pick him up. Just wanted to give you an update as to how happy we are with him. I've attached a recent picture of Terry and our grandson, Luke, with "TJ" (we renamed him). TJ is smart, has an excellent nose, is becoming an excellent hunter (guess he was appropriately named!) and is great with the grandkids. We could not be happier with him. Just wanted to let you know how thankful we are for purchasing one of your pups. Have a wonderful New Year!

Peggy Weidert

The Mustard Seed - Parsons, KS


Hey Roxane,
I figured I would send some pictures your way of Leica, it has been an eventful year for the little guy and I figured I would fill you in on how he is doing….Training wise he is fantastic he picks up on things so fast, and when we are done running or training he knows that when he comes inside the house he relaxes. As you well know he will be one year old this week and before he turned 1 between ducks, geese and pheasants he has made 384 retrieves! I don’t know if it is weird to keep track of your dogs retrieves but I think it is kinda fun and I have them documented in a spread sheet, with the date, location, weather conditions and so on to make me a better hunter as well. He has a drive that doesn’t quit we just got home from a 4 day long pheasant trip to western North Dakota and he went hard all 4 days, and learned some very important things from my 8 year old yellow lab…I could not be happier with my dog every hunt he gets better and better and makes each hunt more enjoyable for me! Makes me want to get another one right now, but I better hold off until next year at least because we are expecting our first baby in May and I think a new puppy and baby would be a little stressful on Leica man. You guys breed great dogs!

Leica is out of Gunner and Shadow

We wanted to thank Robert and Molson from Long Island for sending us pictures of Molson.

Picture above is of Molson and Robert with Molson's first Junior Ribbon


                                                    Molson is out of Dee Dee and Gunner
 We just wanted to congratulate Molson and Robert on getting his AKC JR Hunting Title

We love our dog!!!!! She is from Tess and we received her about Two years ago. She has been the best behaved dog. She always wants to please and obey you. She love to play with our two young girls. She is very gentle with them! We recommend everyone that want a Lab To get one from K and R Labradors. They take great care of the Dogs.
Thank you again K and R Labradors it has been a great addition to our Family!!!

We purchased our first dog from K and R and we are very happy with how it turned out. The breeder is very professional, and the dogs are awesome. They have great temperament, and appear to be socializing good with kids and other dogs. Our puppy will be hunting, and we are already seeing signs of curiousness, and good retrieving abilities. I would recommend this breeder to everyone that is looking for a companion or hunting dog.

Mookie Avalanche Search and Rescue

Mookie-by the way-is doing great in everything! His obedience is great, and he has recently started his avalanche training. He got to load into a helicopter a few days ago-just to see what it was like. He has been getting on the chairlift, riding snowmobiles and in snowcats. We started doing tons of drills-and he has a great nose, and loves to work. All the guys on patrol love having him around too! I will keep you updated

Update on Mookie...his trainer says that he is great at his avalanche training and loves working with him.

Mookie is out of Dee Dee and Gunner

Congratulations HRCH LBR LUKE and HRCH LBR ELLIE

I wanted to send an update on HRCH LBR Luke and HRCH LBR Ellie. Luke is a 3yo out of Copper x High Caliber's Dakota Daxster and Ellie is a 2yo out of Sky x Gunner. Both received their Hunting Retriever Champion titles this past Spring.
I've trained both of them myself, so there have inevitably been plenty of first time handler mistakes made in training. Fortunately both of them have been patient with me along the way! If all goes as planned we will be shooting for an HRC International Grand run in the next year or two. We're waterfowl hunters first, but I figured I would share for any clients interested in the hunt test game! I get asked quite often where they came from and I never hesitate to recommend K and R.
Thank you for continuing the production of well bred, biddable retrievers.

Luke is out of Drake and Storm
Ellie is out of Gunner and Sky
Reno in training for a diabetic alert dog

This is the latest picture of Reno. He now weighs 21.8 lbs., is in perfect health and has about 100% of his obedience training understood and performs it abot 70% of the time. Typical of labs, he is a girls/anybody magnet. He loves to cuddleup against really anybody/girl in black pants like Linda's. He is socialization school, is exercised quite abit every day and we just found fitness center where he can go and swim this winter and play with other dogs his size, age, and temperament.....pretty neat....kind-of like a country-club for our dog. However, when he gets up in the morning and I feed him, he spends the next hour or so playing fetch then he naps but he is Cujo's little brother-the dog from hell, early in the morning when Linda and I are first having our coffee. Gosh, he full of so much energy in the early hours.
Of course he's house trained, been to a couple of restaurants and behave really nicely and gone grocery shopping with me several times. We have yet to traverse the 'Dog Food' aisle, but he constantly sniffs everything. I think that I have already told you that he has already alerted me twice for low blood sugars in the night. He doesn't have any idea yet what going on but it must remind him of the hide and seek smell he plays with me. He's doing rather well and we are quite fond of him. The raw dog food gives him a very, very shiny and soft coat. Everybody loves to feel and quite often comment about how soft and cuddly he looks to be. But just between us, catch him early one morning ad you'll see.
The walking is good for both Linda and I, too. My quarterly blood sugars, A1C, are well on track and my heart seems to be doing really good. I never have had heart problems but me blood pressure is low since I've been walking him daily. All in all, he's seems quite at home and loved. He's supposed to be with me all the time, but believe me he knows who the real boss of this outfit is.
Our next big adventure is to take him to Church with us. So far we have been taking turns but we think he is just about ready. I'm sure he will love all the impending attention, we just hope that he doesn't wine during the sermon or act out doing the service. I mean isn't like I can take him out in the hall. Again, we give him about 99% love and 1% discipline, so he's usually pretty good. I wonder if you would still know him now. Even-though he still like to mouth everything, he much better than say just 2 weeks ago. Watching a football game is much more of a realistic goal for me than before, and I swear that at times he even looks like he's watching. We have a 60" TV and he loves to get on the couch, plop up against a pillow and just 'mellow out'. It's at times like these we can really tell that he thinks 'life is good'.
Give everyone or love and God Bless.


Arthur Whitehead

Reno is out of Sky and Gunner


Luke and John after first hunt test

I have had the opportunity to visit K&R kennels. I was impressed with the dogs and how well they are cared for. They always have daily interaction with the dogs. I would highly recommend this kennel to friends who are looking for dogs of this caliber.
By Brenda



Remember when we got Ann from you. You said if it didn't work out you would take her back.
Well that was a little over 10 years ago. We don't want to rush anything, what do say we keep her.
She remembers you, she is good with family especially the grand kids. She is good company,
makes us laugh and would protect us with her life. She reads our minds and has figured out
interesting ways to communicate with us.

Thanks for matching us up.
Norman and Fay Olsen


Izzy became a part of my family over two years ago.  I was looking for a black female lab puppy.  Izzy came from a very healthy litter in April of 2008.  I visited the K and R Labradors Kennels in May to pick out my puppy.  Owners of K and R were wonderful and very organized with the necessary updated paperwork needed to give to me before taking Izzy home the first week of June. I was very impressed with the clean    facility and the love the family members shared with each puppy.  I was able to meet her mom Tess and witness her good natured personality.  Today Izzy is a very healthy and energetic dog who loves people and going for long walks in any kind of weather!  I know any family who is seeking a labrador puppy will be very pleased with K and R Kennels.


We purchased Jax from Roxane in the summer of 2009. We actually had made plans to travel to northern Minnesota to purchase a new puppy, but changed our plans after meeting Roxane and her pups. Working with Roxane was seamless! Jax wasn’t ready to come home with us yet, but Roxane let us come back to visit him whenever. It was a few weeks after when we became the proud owners of Jax! We got Jax with the intentions of him being our hunting dog and he quickly made room for himself in our home. He was house trained within a matter of a couple months and caught on to obedience training very quickly. Today, he is a coming up on his 2nd birthday and is a great hunting dog and companion. We are so happy to have found Roxane and Jax still visits her and the dogs every month or so! I would recommend K and R Labradors to anyone looking for a hunting buddy or companion. We couldn’t be happier and when we are ready for our next puppy, we will visit K and R Labradors.


Just wanted to let you know I took Sky with Roxy and I today to do a little clean-up hunting at the club I belong to. She did great we flushed two chukars and one pheasant and she actually retrieved one of the chukars. Definitely no signs of being at all gun shy. She went right after all three birds unfortunately her legs are quite a bit shorter than Roxy's. I had Roxy hold on the last bird and retrieved it right to hand. Sorry no pictures we were hunting in light rain all afternoon.


Just a little update on Sky, she is doing great flushed and retrieved 3 chukar yesterday at the club.

Sky is out of Shadow and Gunner

Thanks Corrie for sending us pictures of you and Orion.
Orion is out of Shadow and Pizz

Izzy and Benny

I would like for you to meet  my best friends, Benny and Izzy.  Benny is the newest addition to my family.  In February, I made a call to Kand R Labradors to consider purchasing another puppy from Roxane.  After a long conversation I decided a black male labrador would be the perfect brother for Izzy. After he was born, I watched him grow daily on the Kand R fabulous website as Roxane posted videos and pictures of Benny's litter. Then the day came for me to make my exciting 11 hour trip to South Dakota in late June to pick him up.  As soon as we arrived at the kennel, Benny was waiting for me to take him home. As in the past like Izzy, I was presented with an organized folder of his papers, pictures and necessary information to take with me.  Benny is a very happy and healthy puppy.  I am very privileged to have two wonderful dogs from Kand R Labrador kennels.

Hi Roxane, I just wanted to let you know that Benny will graduate in two weeks from Therapy Dog Inc. We started out with 15 dogs and 4 dogs have finished the program. Benny got his picture taken for his indentification badge. Next week I take him to a Hopsice facility for the first time. The Therapy Dog director really liked him and said he passed the first session with no problems. Last week Benny and I visited a Hopsice office divided up into 30 cubicles. He was expected to visit with staff and meet his 4 dog co-workers. Benny loved the people and did not want to leave the building after the session. He still can be wiggly however I keep him focused as much as possible. Sometimes our staff meetings last 2 hours and Benny has to lay down by my feet. That can be challenging. However I know you would be proud of him and hopefully we both can give comfort and happiness to our patients that we will visit weekly. Picture of graduation will come soon. I promise! Izzy is fine and enjoys her quiet time when we are gone to class. I still think she misses him however Izzy will never reveal her secrets.

Benny has now finished from Therapy Dog Inc. He is doing very well. Jeannine tells us that they are both ready to get started and that Benny did very well and is loved by everyone he meets.

Benny is out of Dee Dee and Gunner

Arnie and I are having a wonderful time exploring everything together!  He is such a good boy!  Whenever I take him out for a walk, people we meet have commented how calm he is and of course how adorable. :)  He is just growing like a weed.  I swear everyday his legs are looking longer and longer!  So he is pretty lanky and clumsy which is SO cute!

He has had 3 weeks of puppy classes and is doing very well.  There are 8 other puppies so he is always excited to go!  A few of the other owners have asked me how he does so well with the commands.  I told them that he had a wonderful family that helped him to learn to listen before I
even had him. So thank you!

Thank you again!  He is a wonderful puppy and I love having him!

Arnie is out of Dee Dee and Gunner


We have one proud boy and a very lucky dog at our house and I think you can see that in these faces!!  : ) We love our Gabby to pieces!! She is such a great puppy…..can be a little naughty…but that is what puppies do right??!! J  Her personality fits us perfectly, and she soooooooo LOVES her boy!!  Jonathan is really good with her and is working with her a lot---can’t wait to take her hunting next year!!  It’s so cute to watch the two of them together!! We want you to know that you gave us the PERFECT fit!!

Gabby is out of Dee Dee and Gunner

I would like everyone to meet Emma. Her owners love her and now cannot image their life without her. She was living in Baltimore with them and now is living out west enjoying the mountains. They say she did great with the move and she now thinks they moved to the mountains just for her. We would like to thank Emma's owners for the updates and for the pictures of her.

Emma is out of Shadow and Gunner.

I wanted to give you an end-of-season summary of Maya. While I understand that at less than 6 months it is a bit premature to judge a dog's hunting ability, but...... I took Maya grouse hunting one last time. Now I don't ask her to do much, simply work in front of me, learn about guns, observe birds, and hopefully observe me shooting one occasionally. Last week she managed to set up on and flush a bird. I hit it on the second shot and it sailed into the cedars. I looked up for Maya and she was gone....I looked down the cedar row and saw her black tail strait out 75 yards down the shelterbelt....she grabbed the grouse and ran it back to me on a dead sprint...placing the bird in my hand! Absolutely picture perfect!
A while later I noticed her getting "birdy"....she flushed another pair and I....luckily....dropped another. She watched the bird flush and fall and promptly retrieved the grouse and brought it back to me.
This is truly a result of good breeding. I have done little more than the basics with this dog.....she goes with me a lot but I have refrained from putting any unreasonable expectations on her. What she did last week was truly amazing from my point of view....I have had much older dogs with much more formal training not perform that well. When I grab my shotgun Maya goes nuts....something I would not have expected until at least next fall.
She is awesome and she is as good as a pet. Thanks again!


Just an update on Maya.....she has been an awesome water dog this year. She continues to amaze me every time we go out. Long water retrieves, blind retrieves, and she is another set of eyes for me on the incoming ducks that I don't see! I have included a few photos. I have taken her pheasant hunting a few time and she works close and does everything I ask but the hunting hasn't been as predictable as the ducks/geese.
Her last vet check she weighed 58 pounds and is in awesome shape. Her hips continue to check out fine(didnt expect otherwise)
Oh.....she is an awesome house dog and companion! (probably a bit spoiled!)

 Maya is out of Gunner and Sky


We wanted to thank Luke's owner for giving us an update on Luke. He told us that he is very happy with Luke and that he is doing very well. He has had fun out hunting with him and he told us that Luke runs for the door when he gets his gun.

Luke is out of Sky and Gunner

Hi Roxanne,
Dakota, or as we call her, Piper, was your puppy that flew home with the raffle winner, Parker, from Oregon. I am Parker's partner at work and after a week with Parker, he decided that Piper was wonderful but maybe a bit too much to take on with his busy schedule. I, along with many others, offered to take her as we knew she was from such awesome lines and was obviously adorable. I was the first to offer, so my husband and I feel like we hit the jackpot with this lovely puppy we have named Piper. She is named after my husband's favorite airplane he would often fly in while living in Alaska for the last 20 years.
My husband is an avid outdoorsman. He loves duck, pheasant and chucker hunting as well as deer and elk hunting. He is a full time fishing guide and wanted so much to have a companion in all of his outdoor adventures. We have a chocolate lab, Toby, who came from a bit of a rough beginning but has proved to be a wonderful hunting dog and brother to your wonderful puppy. Piper has already taken control of her 80 pound brother who is all muscle and used to "own the house". He adores her and has taught her how to play nicely. He has also taught her some nice hunting tricks. She rousted her first pheasant the day after Thanksgiving. It was the same day the attached photos were taken.
We live on the McKenzie River just east of Eugene. It is a beautiful river with great fishing and many swimming spots for the dogs. Piper loves to swim, as you probably already knew. She likes riding in both the drift boat and jet boat. She's a pretty cool cucumber when it comes to most things. She doesn't, however, like the sound of the doorbell. She has become quite a lapdog at night. When all of her chores are done and she is ready to sleep, there is no place like the couch or on mom's lap. She usually crawls under the blanket I have over me and curls up and falls asleep. Did I mention she is nuts for food. A woman after my own heart.
I apologize for such a delay in writing you. I do want you to know Piper is a happy healthy loved active and certainly a used dog with a job. She loves pheasant wings and recently brought us a deer leg she found in the woods behind our home. She loves sitting on our hearth by the fire at night. She gets so warm I usually have to pick her up and move her. She would stay there all night if we let her.
I have attached some photos of her last hunt and we will mail you our Christmas card with her and her brother, Toby.
Thank you for such a wonderful dog! We love her.


Hi Roxane and family!
Tuff is the most amazing dog (and has grown to be incredibly handsome too!) He and I lived for 4 months in South Dakota before moving to Boise, ID. Even though he is nearly 70 lbs, he has been a very well behaved apartment dog his whole life (provided he gets regular walks and rowdy games of fetch)! He was potty trained within a few short months, and has never been much of a barker (unless he isn't getting enough attention. Much like his mom in that way :)). He's never been very sick, outside of occasional tummy trouble after tasting... everything! Really, he is just such a charmer and does everything he can to please us! He picks up new tricks very quickly and any bad behavior can be almost immediately traced to his pushover mom :)
His favorite things include hikes, car rides, bones and visitors! He is great with other dogs and kids (sitting patiently for them to approach before licking them to within an inch of their lives!)
Between moving away from home and this new city, he has been not only my best friend, but my entire family! He is patient with me and a wonderful partner in crime! I can't wait to get him hunting and buy him a big backyard! :)
Thank you so much for giving me this blessing! He has been the best thing thing to ever happen to me!
Enjoy the pictures!

I’ve attached some photos of Dixie from yesterday – my son Jeff and I are with her in the first one. We were out chasing ducks and geese with Maddy and the Hatters.
My family absolutely loves Dixie, she has fit in perfectly and is a wonderful addition. She loves being outside and tries to jump up in the back of the truck to get into her kennel – she knows that means fun! Her training is coming along nicely, sometimes play trumps “come” but we’ll get it. She’s responding very well to the whistle, yesterday she came in from more than 200 yards away on a dead run to the whistle. She loves the water, picking up ducks, and has no fear of gun shots. Dixie did her first water retrieve yesterday (following Maddy’s lead), but I won’t send her In too much until it warms up a bit. She settles down nicely in the house – we were impressed that she didn’t touch the Christmas tree at all.
We haven’t had her weighed for a month or so, but I would guess she’s closing in on 40 pounds. Dixie is healthy and in great shape, and she’ll be getting spayed later this month so will have to lay low for a few days (which might be hard for her!).
I don’t think we could have asked for a better dog, she’s a friendly, happy pup and is growing up to be a very beautiful dog – I get a lot of compliments on her looks. Thanks for everything!

Kevin, Carolyn, Claire and Jeff

Dixie is out of Gunner and Dee Dee

Wanted to let you know how Reign is doing. He is the most amazing dog and hunter. He is the funniest lab we have hunted behind. His personality is amazing. So full of love and loyalty. He loves to cuddle and thinks he is a lap dog.

Reign is out of Gunner and Dee Dee

Hi Roxane!
I just wanted to let you know how great Shaye is doing and thank you again for helping us pick the perfect puppy to start our family! She is so spoiled and we can't get enough of her. She even got to try out hunting a few times and did really great- she got lots of compliments from other lab owners on how great she was doing for only being 4-5 months old! She is also doing a lot of pointing for Josh so he is pretty excited about that! Hope all is well with you and your family and thanks again for all your help!

Hi Roxane,
Here are some recent photos of our newest addition to the family, Maddy who is now 6 months old. Thank you for giving us exactly what we wanted in a family pet. She is not only an incredible natural when it comes to hunting but also a very loving, loyal, family dog. As much as she loves the outdoors, she loves to be surrounded by family once she's inside. We are constantly receiving compliments on what a beautiful dog she is and how smart she is. She has made incredible progress in all aspects of training since she joined our family and took less than 4 weeks to house train! We would highly recommend K & R Labradors to anyone wanting a new lab. We truly appreciate all of your help in making this long distance purchase from B.C. Canada such a smooth and organized one but most of all we are so grateful for our wonderful new dog Maddy. She has completed our family and we love her very much!
Thanks again,
Bruce & Alyson


Hi there,
   I got a puppy from you out of Gunner and Sky.  We named our pup Muzzy, and boy does he have a personality! Unfortunatly about three weeks after we brought muzzy home something happened to one of his back legs on a rainy night, we have a yorkie as well and we aren’t quite sure if she ran into muzzy or if muzzy went to take off and hurt his leg.  Lucky for us the vet was in town and we rushed him right in.  There were no broken bones but it did seem like a ligament tore.  Oh no I thought we are going to have to do surgery on this little pup! The vet told us to give him some pills and watch him till Tuesday when the dog specialist comes in.  So we did that.  And needless to say it must have just been a bad sprain!  I have enclosed some pictures of muzzy on his first phesent retrieve when he was only 12 weeks old! He seems to enjoy hunting and playing outside with our 3 year old son!  The last picture was just the other night, he is getting to be a great dog!


Hi Roxane,

We just wanted to send you an update of our little baby. Emma has been a great member of the family and has kept us very busy over the last five months! Her training is going very well and she is an extremely fast learner. She knew how to sit the second day she was ours! So far she has learned sit, down, stay, come, heel (on and off leash), hold,  and give. She has also done well fetching on marked retrieves in heavy cover. I am now waiting on some warmer weather to start working her with birds, as she loved wings and the birds I brought home from hunting.  I hope you enjoy the attached pictures; the first is recent with her new vest before a cross country ski outing and the second is doing retrieves when she was about 5 months old. Hope all is well with you and your dogs and thank you for a great puppy.

Kyle and Dani Schweisthal


 Roxane, Thought that I would send you some pictures of Reign and Blaze Matt's puppy.
Reign just loves spending time with Blaze
(Reign is out of Dee Dee and Gunner and Blaze the puppy is out of Sky and Gunner)



Thought you might like to see some pictures of Archie (orange collar). He is growing fast and is very spoiled. He enjoys playing fetch, rough-housing with morkie Peyton, playing in the bathtub, and he the occasional nap on the couch. We LOVE him!



Hi Roxanne, and Happy New Year.  I’ve been meaning to send you pics of Remmy for some time but just haven’t done it until now.  She is a great dog.  She is smart and has learned a lot of hunting like skills already (like finding hidden pheasant wings, or any toy possible).  She has insatiable play (and food) drive so she is easy to train on just about anything.  She has been healthy and is now at 44 lbs since I took her to the vet last week.  Looking forward to moving to the next steps of hunting training soon, but for now I’m just letter her be a puppy and have fun.  No doubt she has fun hunting too.

Hope all is well. 

John Hoyt

We got Trapper from you guys in a 2012 litter from Gunner and Dee Dee. She is a exceptional dog. She adapted very well with our other pets. Training her was not difficult at all and now we fight over who gets to take her hunting. We've taken her to Canada twice and she's retrieved over 200 birds for us. Most everyone who has met her loves her because she is a social dog.People always ask where we got her. When people are looking for a puppy we recommend K and R because Trapper has been nothing but great.