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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Congratulations HRCH LBR LUKE and HRCH LBR ELLIE

I wanted to thank John one of our owners for an update on his dogs and congratulate him on his hard work getting his dogs titled. It is fun to hear from our owners and John said we could post his email and picture. Thanks again John for the update and congrats with your dogs that is a lot of hard work and time. 

Hi Roxane, 

I wanted to send an update on HRCH LBR Luke and HRCH LBR Ellie. Luke is a 3yo out of Copper x High Caliber's Dakota Daxster and Ellie is a 2yo out of Sky x Gunner. Both received their Hunting Retriever Champion titles this past Spring.
I've trained both of them myself, so there have inevitably been plenty of first time handler mistakes made in training. Fortunately both of them have been patient with me along the way! If all goes as planned we will be shooting for an HRC International Grand run in the next year or two. We're waterfowl hunters first, but I figured I would share for any clients interested in the hunt test game! I get asked quite often where they came from and I never hesitate to recommend K and R.
Thank you for continuing the production of well bred, biddable retrievers.