Our Labradors have produced Excellent Scent Working dogs, Search and Rescue, Hunting Companions, Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert, Bomb detection, and Family Companions.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Star and Maverick puppies

 Puppies are doing great loving the outside time. We are on our 6th week and personalities and temperaments are really starting to show. Great litter of puppies. This litter is no longer available but we will be having future litters one in the fall (all chocolate) and one in the winter (all yellow).


Monday, May 17, 2021

Drake AKC Scent SEKC Trial

 We had a great time with Drake at the SEKC AKC Scent Trial. Drake was able to earn his AKC Scent Work Novice title. We would like to thank SEKC, the judges and all the volunteers. We would also like to thank Tracy Pollard Photography for taking pictures!! 


We were at the Sioux Empire Kennel Club a few weeks ago and Sunny was able to earn her AKC Scent Working Novice title and has started to work on her Advanced. Here are some pictures from that trial. We would like to thank SEKC and volunteers and Judges. We would also like to thank Tracy Pollard Photography for the photos from that trial. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

AKC Scent Detection Trials

Our dogs are hunting dogs but we have also started them on scent work. We have been a part of AKC Scent Trials. There are 4 levels Novice, Advanced, Excellent and Masters. To earn each level the must pass 3 runs of elements buried, container, exterior and interior. They can also receive and Elite in each of the levels. Maverick has completed his Excellent title and is currently living with his new owners. Drake, Sunny have earned their Novice title and have started working on their Advanced. Star has one pass to do on her exterior novice and she will have completed her Novice title, she is currently working on her advanced title in the other elements. We have fun watching these dogs work in the field while flushing up birds but on the off season it is fun to watch them work as scent dogs. 

K and R Drake

K and R Sunny

K and R Maverick

K and R Star

At AKC Scent Trials there is a ribbon that dogs can earn. They must be entered in all four elements at the same level. They must qualify at all for elements for that trial day. Then the over all fastest time gets the the ribbon of "High In Trial". Both Maverick and Drake recieved this ribbon, it was fun to see both sire and son get this ribbon. Maverick got his at an trial in Omaha NE and Drake got his at a trial in Fargo ND. 
K and R Maverick (son)
K and R Drake (sire)