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Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 9th Litter puppy videos

Here are Sky's and Gunner's litter whelped July 9th. This video is of the two yellow females and the black males. Second pick of the black males from Dee Dee and Sky's black males will be made out of this litter. When first and second pick of the black males are made from both litters we will let you know which black males are available. If you would like a black male and would like one held for you please feel free to contact us. The two yellow females in this litter are available.

The next video is of Sky's and Gunner's black female puppies. There are 7 black females in this litter. First and Second pick are taken. As soon as the picks are made we will update which females are available. If you are interested in one of these females and would like your pick to be held please feel free to contact us.

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