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Friday, May 18, 2012

Leica update

Just thought I would write you and let you know how Leica is doing!!  He is doing fantastic, we have really started concentrating on training full time, his obedience is unreal for a lab his age, he has had great vet appointments from the time we brought him home. Strong heart, great hips, and eyes we recently completed all of our puppy boosters and got him started on a limes disease preventative and as of 2 weeks ago he was 41lbs…I think he might be a big boy!  I have already started working him without a check cord, he will sit when I tell him, stay when I tell him, lay down when I tell him just everything I was looking for in a dog and more! This past weekend I introduced him to his first water retrieves, at first pretty comical to watch he took to it well …..like a fish to water!! I have attached some photos of him in action, he is a great dog and I wish I could press fast forward to this fall to watch him work for real!

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