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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Future Spring Litters

We are planning 2 spring litters this year. One litter will be sired by Pizz and Shadow is the dam and the other litter will be sired by Pizz and the dam is Dee Dee.

Pizz and Shadow have had successful litters in the past. The puppies have been and are healthy and have great personalities and have gone on to make great hunting and family companions. This will be a black and yellow litter.

This will be a first breeding for Pizz and Dee Dee. We are expecting healthy puppies from this litter. We feel that with both of the Sire's and Dam's personalities we will have puppies that will be great hunters and have excellent temperaments. This litter will be an all yellow litter.

If you have any questions about either one of these litters please let us know. Also if you are interested in either of these litters let us know right away as we have started taking deposits for both litters. You can see Sire and Dams pedigrees on this website. You can also look for the dogs names on the right side and it will pull up pedigrees and information on each dog.

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