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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update on Available Puppies

The puppies from our July 9th litter have all been sold. We currently have 2 black females available from our July 1st litter. The puppy with the white collar from Dee Dee's litter is available. We have also had a black female puppy from Dee Dee's litter that was sold come available. The family who was going to get her can not pick her up due to circumstances. Both puppies have lots of drive, use their noses and love pheasant wings. They are also learning to sit very well. Both puppies have excellent temperaments and fun personalities. They have both been introduced to water and love it. Both females are up to date on shots. For any questions on either one of these girls please feel free to ask. We will be posting videos of them soon. Here are some pictures taken of them in the last week. We will work on getting more current pictures of them.
Black female
White collar

Black female
Yellow Collar

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