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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Pics

Sorry it is a long time coming for some new pictures but I was waiting for every one's eyes to open. The yellow male with the blue collar is still working on getting his eyes open so he will need new pictures again not happy with the ones we took of him but they are posted. Also on the black males I had to change a color on a couple because I ran out of the colored collars that they had on before. Changes are black male that had the black collar is now yellow collar and the puppy with no collar is now green.

The puppies are really becoming fun and personalities are starting to come out. The pictures are getting harder to take but we will keep them coming.

We have 3 black males available in this litter. If you would like us to hold your pick please contact us. You can find all of our information under contact info on the right hand side of this site.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

black male
blue collar

Chocolate Male

Black Male
Green collar

        Yellow Male Orange collar
Black Male
White Collar

Yellow Female

Black Male
Yellow collar
Black Male
Red Collar

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