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Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have had several people ask how Mookie was doing. He is in training for Avalanche search and rescue in Colorado. His owner Caroline has sent me a update and here is what she had to say about him.

"Mookie-by the way-is doing great in everything! His obedience is great, and he has recently started his avalanche training. He got to load into a helicopter a few days ago-just to see what it was like. He has been getting on the chairlift, riding snowmobiles and in snowcats. We started doing tons of drills-and he has a great nose, and loves to work. All the guys on patrol love having him around too! I will keep you updated."

Thanks for the update. Mookie was out of our spring litter and his sire is also the sire of our litter we currently have available right now.

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