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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Litters 2017

We are now planning our litters for 2017. For information on our upcoming litters please look on the right hand side of this page at Litters. The litters will be spring litters and the puppies will be ready to go at the end of May first part of June depending on breeding dates. We will post more information as we get closer to actual breeding dates. We are currently taking deposits to hold puppies.


Adam - The Lab Coach said...


I was wondering if you guys have chocolate labs? They're my favorite breed :)

/Adam - The Lab Coach

K & R Labradors said...

We have three adult chocolates and from time to time we will have chocolate puppies. We have two chocolate females we are breeding this year but there is a very slim chance we will have any chocolate puppies in either litter. The Sire has not been tested for color genes and I know he carries black and yellow but there is just a slim chance he may have the chocolate gene. If he does we may have a chocolate puppy but chances are still slim.