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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Puppies are doing great Dee Dee's litter now has their eyes open and are starting to show lots of fun personalities...they are beginning to interact with each other and explore as much as the can. They have also discovered that they have voices and it is really fun to listen to them.  Sky's litter is doing great also and her pups should be starting to open their eyes at the end of this week. In another week we should start seeing all of their personalities coming out also. We are very excited about both litters really nice looking pups that are going to make great test dogs, hunting dogs and family companions. Also we will have pictures and video up tomorrow hopefully if not then on Thursday please check back often with the puppies changing we like to keep everyone updated on them. We will also be putting on colored collars on the puppies so that it will be easier to tell them apart. This does not mean they are sold it just makes it easier for everyone and for us to pick out the puppies.

At this time first and second pick of the black males are taken. There are 3 more black males available. We have 3 yellow females available (Dee Dee's yellow female is light cream color) and one yellow male available he is a lot of fun. We have 4 black females from Dee Dee's litter and 7 black females from Sky's litter.

If you have any questions on either litters please feel free to ask us. We have no problem emailing more pictures or answering any questions about either of the litters. If you would like a puppy held for you we are taking deposits to hold them. All of our contact information is on the right hand side of this page under contacts.

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